Whale Watching Season is here

You’ve got another reason to book a balcony, beach front unit along the Queensland coast between June and November every year – humpback whales.

Each year, like clockwork, these marine mammals undertake a 5,000km annual migration from Antarctica to have a babymoon followed by birth story in Queensland’s warm waters.
The humpback whale migration is nothing short of something out of a circle of life documentary, as they swim north to birth their calves and teach them life skills, before returning south to chilly Antarctica.

Humpback whales might be marathon swimmers, but they are not sprinters, clocking up a leisurely 5-15 km/hour on their migration north.
You can be certain once they’re spotted on the Gold Coast and Brisbane, their next stop in their migration movement is the Sunshine Coast.
Hop aboard Sunreef Mooloolaba, the first operator in Australia, who launched swimming with the whales.

You’ll spend four hours on the water after a short 15-minute commute out from the Mooloolaba River to the open water, where the whale spotting and swimming will begin.
If the whales are playing safe, you’ll be allowed in the water for your swim with the whales experience, all within a safe distance, of course.
If you’ve done regular whale watching, coming snorkel mask-to-fin with these marine mammals is completely immersive. Jump over here to see why you need to go swimming with the whales.

Don’t be surprised to share Sunreef’s decks with scientists and researchers. This vessel has a dedicated research project underway to collect knowledge about these gentle giants. You can play Attenborough using a whale watching sheet and collecting information about their movements too.
Prefer to watch the action from above the water? How about on an open deck boat, champagne in hand? Jump on board Sunshine Coast Afloat. You won’t have to jostle for the best spot on deck on these intimate cruises, with a maximum of 23 passengers on each sailing you’ll have guaranteed rail-side views.

Best time to go: October”

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