Noosa is the land of many things. Beautiful beaches, stunning national parks, charming coastal and hinterland villages, and more recently, beer.

Out of Noosa’s fertile grounds, a series of local breweries have sprouted, each with their own vibe and deliciously frothy beverages.

For swiggers of beer, there’s really no better way to explore what’s on offer than a craft beer crawl through the best breweries in Noosa’s industrial estate. So, rope in a designated driver and get ready to sip your way through this hit list.

Land & Sea Brewery

Inspired by the beauty of Noosa and the freeing lifestyle it offers, Land & Sea is the ideal watering hole to start your tasting journey.

Heads of Noosa Brewing Co.

Just as the headlands of Noosa turn swell into world-class waves, Heads of Noosa Brewing Co. crafts natural ingredients into a range of award-winning beers that will make it almost impossible to stop at one.

While the beers can be enjoyed at many local restaurants across the region, the best place to down them is easily where they are created—the Heads of Noosa brewery.

Boiling Pot Brewing Co.

As the sun goes down in Noosa, there’s no better place to be knocking back a schooner than the lantern-lit courtyard at Boiling Pot Brewing Co., so save this one until last. Perch at the bar bench overlooking the street with your date or gather your favourite people around one of the picnic tables, there’s really no wrong way to experience the ambience of this joint.

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