Whales in Noosa

With record numbers of humpback whales (30,000+) migrating up Queensland’s coast and back to Antarctica through Noosa’s waters between now and October, there are many wonderful sightings of these amazing mammals. If you’re lucky enough to see (or hear) a whale, it’s something you’ll never forget. Here are some of the ways you might enjoy […]

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Walking in Noosa

From coast to rainforest, mountain-tops and National Parks, walking in Noosa is an adventure that has it all! Cross the world’s only adjoining UNESCO Biosphere Reserves (Noosa and the Great Sandy), and combine your walk with swimming, surfing, bird-watching, canoeing, cycling or running. Walk with sand between your toes or in full hiking gear. Share

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Noosa Bike Tours

Noosa by bike is great – hire a bike and explore yourself, or join a guided tour from mountain tops through rainforest to the coast. Bike On is a multi-award winning business specializing in providing Bike Hire in Noosa and across the Sunshine Coast, Mountain Bike Tours & Bike Education direct to individuals, corporate groups,

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Eumundi Markets

Just a 15 minute drive from Eumarella Shores… Eumundi Markets Sunshine Coast is one of Australia’s premier artisan markets and a popular stop on tours of Queensland’s lively Noosa Region. This sprawling old-fashioned market is the perfect place to while away a Saturday morning sampling ethnic food, picking out the perfect didgeridoo or trying on

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Australia Zoo

Located in the heart of Australia’s Sunshine Coast, the Australia Zoo is an exemplary exploration both of Australia’s popular wildlife species and exotic species from Africa, Asia and the Americas. Made popular by conservationist and television personality Steve Irwin and dedicated to his memory, the park provides the public with the opportunity to experience wildlife

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Malu-Os Boat Hire

The cleanest and greenest way to enjoy the beauty of the Noosa River. Malu-Os offers luxury electric boats that are quiet and non-polluting; the ideal way to explore one of Australia’s most diverse waterways without leaving an impact. Rent one of these self drive little beauties and see for yourself how relaxing and peaceful the

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