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Like you, Noosa is saddened by the news that our much-loved Noosa Triathlon will not be going ahead in 2020. We’re still rolling out the welcome mat in Noosa and giving you a tri-llion reasons to visit us and a tri-llion more reasons to stay!

Noosa loves celebrating sports, healthy lifestyles, fitness and fun. With an irresistible mix of sun, sea and surf in one of Australia’s most popular destinations, Noosa, is just waiting for you to explore! We’ve curated some perfect Noosa offers so you get to experience a little of what locals love!

How to train like a triathlete in Noosa!

Here are our top tips for triathlon training on your next trip to Noosa, compliments of the Noosa Tri Club President & local resident, Tim Rook.

There’s a reason why thousands of visitors flock to Noosa for sporting events each year – it’s a mecca for training with rolling hills, perfect roads and pathways and spectacular views.

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