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Article in Brisbane News - September 14, 2011

"I lived a stone’s throw from Noosa’s Lake Weyba for almost a year without ever knowing its many moods and colours,  how it can turn from a shimmer of silver to a deep, dusky pink in a matter of hours.  I didn’t know it had its own song, that it could beat wildly against the rocks or whisper among the paperbarks, the way it could lie completely still, its silence broken only by the occasional splash of a fish jumping, I imagine, for joy......For me, breathing in the sights and sounds of Lake Weyba was the highlight, among many, of our stay...
THE VERDICT - Lap up the luxury." 

Q Weekend, Frances Whiting April 2010

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"I've been to Eumarella Shores before, but Gooloowaa is different from the normal one and two bedroom cottages that line the lake.  It's the new five star luxury lodge that hovers over the waters of Lake Weyba with a huge deck for barbecues, adobe walls......and it has equipment that sent out group of six almost wild with excitement......Gooloowaa can be hired for a single couple but I really think's it's too big for just two, who would be better off in one of the smaller cottages, equally luxurious although with fittings not quite as elegant..."

Short Breaks Sunday Mail Alison Cotes April 2010

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"It was a grand opening with ballerinas performing to the sounds of a piano accordion and violin against the blue backdrop of Lake Weyba. 

But it was also a snapshot of Noosa style; an event which celebrated the land and the people who, from the 1970's personified the ethos of our local cultural and environmental spirit."

Noosa News - Gail Arnold February 2010

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“Nurtured naturally”      Noosa is a haven from development.  Noosa is well loved because it has not been loved to death....Staying – for a peaceful place to rest your head, it is hard to go past Eumarella Shores in the heart of flora and fauna reserve on the edge of Lake Weyba.

Herald Sun February 6, 2009 – Sue Gough Henly


“Reflections” – The feeling of a special relaxing moment is the mood that embraces me at Eumarella Shores on the banks of Lake Weyba near Noosa, where I sit with owner Bill Tainsh whose cartoonist father, Doug, drew the famous “Cedric” series for over 50 years, limited edition prints of which adorn the lake-house walls.

We chat about the restful 100 acre family property where many trees are over 200 years old. The following morning the rumble of the ocean rolls across the still lake. Another special moment”.

New Zealand Herald April 2009 – Graham Reid


“This was a 10/10 experience, I hope you’ll go and test for yourselves…..”

Sunday Mail, Discover (Alison Cotes) April 6, 2008


“A wilderness haven conveniently close to civilisation....the interiors are beautiful; there’s activity and adventure aplenty – think kayaking among pelicans at sunrise, biking to the beach, fishing and bird watching. The scent of eucalyptus is heavenly and you can mellow out with a spa treatment or massage…”

Sunday Telegraph, UK (Yolanda Carslaw) November 11, 2007


“Enter Eumarella Shores and the real world falls away....It’s beautiful. Eco-friendly buildings, 1950’s beach shacks with a twist....The coastal hideaway is different – a small and private lakeside community just minutes from the ocean.”

Sunday Mail, Discover (Lou Robson) September 23, 2007

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“The Great Escapes – Go for a weekend or stay for a week. They’re our favourite getaways – and they’re right on your doorstep....”

It’s hard to believe, surveying tranquil Lake Weyba from your deck, that Noosa is just a jabiru’s flight over there to the north east. This is pyjamas-or-togs-all-day territory, a private 20 ha lakeside wilderness, seven eco-friendly cottages tucked into the trees.”

(Favourite hand picked getaways of the travel journalists)

Q Weekend Courier Mail (Cathy Osmond) March 2007

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“Nature may provide the serenity but nurture adds sheer luxury to this lakeside haven near Noosa....We considered our options. To enjoy the serenity from our deck, or to hit the walking tracks? Go fishing, or take to the canoe in search of the jabiru? We sipped our plunger coffee in silence. There was no hurry: like the protected species all around us, it seemed we had all the time in the world.”

Q Weekend Escapes – (Cathy Osmond) – Courier Mail September 2006

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Eumarella Shores has been featured on “The Great Outdoors”, and “The Great Southeast”

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Noosa Beach

Sunset Lake Weyba

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